Sunday, October 13, 2013

Our Saturday . . . in Pictures

Sneezing, coughing and snot . . . that pretty much sums up our house lately. A LARGE Petri Dish of Miserable. Nothing can be done to make it all go away . . . so, we try to help with a bit of the homeopathic remedies. There is a wonderful Bronchial syrup by Boericke and Tafel . . . it is very effective and they have a children's version as well as adult. Tastes like licorice.

Lego continues to be a HUGE part of our boys' day. I love that they can be so creative and really use their brain to accomplish whatever they put their mind to. 

Petunia Pricklebottom had a nice swim in the sink yesterday. She isn't a "pick me up and love me" kind of Hedgie, but we continue to work with her. She can be a bit snitty and continues to "click, hiss and jump" which is their safety mechanism. Of course, her quills stand on end too, which really hurt if you aren't prepared. Once she is out of her cage and handled a while she calms down and explores. I love when she finally calms enough so we can see her sweet little face. She is pretty stubborn, but so am I . . . so I wait her out and eventually get to enjoy her a bit.

Yesterday, we enjoyed a bit of the great outdoors . . .

The beauty of Fall is all around.

We enjoyed visiting with the ducks.

The boys wrestled in the backyard . . . one of their favorite things to do! It seems they "wrestle" just about every time they are out.

 The new water heater system is now installed. It is quite the system. Tankless water heater unit is on the back wall. It has several valves and a lot of piping. It is all electronic and a commercial model. We also had a reserve tank installed . . . we can bypass it if we choose. We are guaranteed NEVER to run out of hot water . . . ever! It was a HUGE job, but the plumber guys really did a fantastic job!

Katelyn was in the baking kind of mood - pumpkin muffins and cinnamon rolls. Tomorrow, will be apple pies . . . at least I hope.

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