Sunday, October 6, 2013

Happy Birthday Emma!

Today, October 6 is our Emma Elysse's 10th Birthday!

Emma has had a pretty good Birthday.
She has had yummies, belly rubs and a long nap.

 Emma loves to sleep . . .
in fact, she wore out this little dog bed.

Emma is funny . . .
She always likes to me in the middle of things and when I try to 
take her picture, she generally does this:

Side, butt or back photos . . .

She was genuinely curious about the ducklings.

and she loves being with us . . .
as long as we aren't doing anything that makes loud noises or POPS.

She loves the guinea pigs and I often find her watching them.

She also tries to eat their poody poo!
(We try to keep her away when cage cleaning is in progress!)

Emma loves to roam around . . .
sometimes she goes to far and the boys have to run and bring her back. Crazy girl!

I think Emma's FAVORITE thing to do . . .
is EAT!

That girl definitely loves Food!

Happy Birthday Emma . . .
We LOVE You!

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