Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Happy Anniversary - 31 Years and I Look Forward To . . .

Today, October 2, 2013 is Randy and my 31st Anniversary!
What a life we have been entrusted with!

Randy never ceases to amaze me ~
He wears many hats . . .
Son, Husband, Father
Brother, Nephew, Uncle, Great Uncle
Boss, Contractor, Friend

Whatever he has his heart set on . . .
he can accomplish.

Even taking the time to paint my toes on a summer afternoon.

Our life together is definitely NOT run of the mill ~
most days we don't know what is around the next corner.

My guy tends to go with the flow . . .
where ever it takes us.
Summer 2013 was the Summer of the Ducks at our house.
True to form  . . . Randy enjoyed it to the fullest.
He even dubbed the ducks "HIS" ducks.

My guy was even "proposed to" at the beginning of summer.
It was all in fun and he played along.
 A new employee played a HUGE joke on him . . .
and he surprised all by playing along.

My man is a sweet talker . . .
even to water fowl!

God brought us together as man and wife 31 years ago ~
it was a gorgeous and very colorful Fall day.

Randy takes time in his day to give me a call . . .
just to see how my day is going or
to tell me how much he Loves me.

Randy is compassionate and has a soft heart.

He still makes my heart skip and brings a smile to my face.

God has given us many blessings . . . 

Five stand out . . .
Katelyn, Ryan, Cameron, Evan James and Cody

Happy Anniversary My Love!

I look forward to Growing OLD with you.

(If you want to read last year's post, click the link below.)

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The Whitakers said...

My most favorite picture of you guys is when Randy is painting your finger nails! Now there's a man who loves his wife! You two are very blessed to have one another and your kids are have the greatest gift of all. Two parents who really love each other. Happy Anniversary! Love, the Whitakers :)

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