Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Expensive Day

What kind of day did YOU have today?

Mine was quiet, but expensive.

We have been experiencing a few problems with our Sub Zero Fridge in the kitchen and our Frigidaire Freezer in the garage.
Today, the repair guy came to diagnose and repair the problem.

To sum it up, our less than five year old appliances require almost $2,000.00 in parts and repair.
Not even close to kidding!

The freezer needed a new thermostat . . .
for the part and labor - roughly $200.00.

The fridge had a lot more wrong with it . . .
the control/display button unit was kapute,
the evaporator and condenser was leaking . . .
down to only 25% cooling in the fridge.
Nice, Right?
(So thankful we have a second fridge in the pantry.) 
Parts and labor - $1,700.00

For those of you wondering . . .
no, we cannot replace it for what we can fix it for.
Estimated cost to replace our Sub Zero built in . . .
over $10,000.00.
This does not even slightly appeal to us,
we do love our fridge . . .
even though it seems to have betrayed us a bit.

So, the parts are on order and we will see the little repair man
again in a few days.


We are also in the process of replacing our Tankless water heater with a commercial grade one.

It has been a process . . .
and I can't wait to have a hot, hot shower once again.

If you are counting, there have been THREE appliance/must haves in our home that have screamed for a bit of attention.

Isn't three the limit? I certainly hope so.


I have been nursing a cold virus thing for a week now . . .
today I spent the day enjoying this view:

 It was calm and cool . . .
absolutely gorgeous outside.
All was QUIET, except for some very chatty ducks.

I relaxed out there for the better part of the day with my furry ones.
Seeley didn't mind getting his picture taken.

The boys finished up school and headed out back to play  argue.
It is absolutely crazy to listen to.
They can argue about anything and do it well.
Maybe they should be on a debate team!

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Julie O said...

Gorgeous picture of your backyard and lake. Looks like a great place to recover and recuperate.

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