Saturday, October 12, 2013

Boys, Dirt and Corn Rows

Is there anything more fun to a boy than dirt piles and corn rows? 

This morning I woke to doors slamming and then absolute quiet. To a Mom of FOUR rambunctious boys, quiet is NEVER EVER a good sign. It didn't take me long to get out of bed and head to the main floor to see exactly what was going on. I reached the main floor and looked around . . . no one in sight. I checked outside . . . no one. I decided to call Randy . . . he didn't answer his telephone. I was not worried, I knew the boys were with Daddy . . . just wondered where they went on this Saturday morning.

Randy had taken them to our business property that is under construction. There are huge dirt piles and between our property and the next, there are several rows of corn. Daddy turned them loose . . . they had a ball! Randy even had a great time watching the fun.

 The boys trudged through the corn and then decided to collect ears of corn for the ducks.  They were definitely on a mission.

They came home for water and snacks . . . buttered popcorn did the trick. Off they went again for more fun in the dirt . . . an awesome adventure for them on a Saturday.

I hope the rain holds off so they can enjoy the dirt!

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