Monday, October 28, 2013

BOY, I SAY BOY . . .

There are days, my friend when a little picture and words explain your day . . .

The picture was not really aimed toward anyone, the day was just a little (ahem) busy and a bit chaotic.

  • Someone didn't get the large upright freezer door closed tight and many things thawed. I am thankful nothing got warm, but a bit irritated things thawed. Tonight all is well once again with the freezer.
  • The day was full of crazy - the boys were wound tight! 
  • One of the dogs pooped on the floor - no one wanted to clean it up - go figure.
  • Braces for Ryan are going to cost just shy of $6,000.00. Insurance pays $1,000.00. He will have a mouth appliance installed in the roof of his mouth in a few weeks and braces will follow in six months.
  • One employee and One contractor didn't show up for work today. It was really a beautiful day and so much more could have gotten done with two extra pair of hands.
  • We looked high and low for some papers that were brought to my office at work. Couldn't find them for anything. Tonight, I found them in a notebook I had brought home ~ Glad my head is attached!
 Days can be full of the craziest things. Some things tend to nudge you closer to the edge than others and when they do, find humor in it all. 

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Julie O said...

Sorry about the braces expense. My oldest, Jake's were $6000 also. The youngest, Jed, had two sets of braces and that bill was $9000. Sometimes they complain about brushing or flossing and I always tell them, "I'll give you 6000 or 9000 reasons to brush!!"

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