Sunday, September 8, 2013


Our day has been full of busyness within the house. There are plenty of those chores to do that aren't those every day kind of chores.

Tidy the pantry. It isn't a secret that I LOVE a tidy AND organized pantry. Today was my once a month tidy and organize the pantry . . . and boy did it need it!

Our little fishy tanks x3 needed the filters replaced, water added and the algae scrubber need used on all three. Happy little fishies!

I picked up some of those Bum wipes and have dispersed them into our bathrooms. Now to teach the boys what they are for! Maybe it will encourage them to make sure they get "things" nice and clean.

My Scentsy candles all need wax changed out. Love getting them all refreshed.

The dogs needed their monthly meds for fleas, ticks, heart worms . . . easy job there x 4.

Lizard soaking is now underway . . . a once a week endeavor.

Cage cleaning . . . all cages - Guinea pigs, Hedgehog and Lizards.

Made Lego order for Evan . . . he had earned money and it was burning a hole in his pocket.

Of course, like almost every other house in the world, my kitchen counter seems to "catch" everything. So, everyone will collect their belongings and put them away, at least that is the plan.

The family room needed a bit of tidying from Family movie nights - yes x2. It isn't horrible, but needed done.

The kitchen floor needed a fresh mopping - lots of running inside and out this weekend.

We have accomplished much . . . I love that everyone helps!

Now for the second half of the day.

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