Monday, September 2, 2013

Really, Seriously and Home

You know those days when you just want to ask . . . 


Those words seem adequate to sum up our holiday weekend.

Saturday Randy asked one of our boys to go outside to the drive and water one of our big flower containers. It is on the drive and doesn't have irrigation, so it must be watered daily. We have instructed the boys many times that it takes patience and several minutes to water this container since it is large, full of dirt and it has been very hot in our little corner of the world.

Within a few minutes, our son was back inside claiming to have the watering done. However, Randy and I both knew better as we have watered it many times and it takes like five minutes.
So, we sent him back outside . . .
this time with a brother to help make sure the job is done.
After a few minutes, we decided to check on them.
We have a camera system that we can access through our telephones to "check" on the outside.
Katelyn took a little peek to find the two boys outside watering the driveway around the container. Very little water had made it in the container. We waited for them to come inside and then asked them if they had gotten the job done. Of course, they both answered
"Yes". I immediately asked if water had come out the bottom of the pot, to which I received another "Yes". I then asked, so . . .
how did the plant get watered well if the water was not going into the pot but around it? The look on those two faces was priceless!
I know the words, "How in the world did SHE know?" came through their minds, so I let them in on my "secret". They were then allowed to go back outside and water the potted plant.

That episode = Seriously???


Sunday I decided to make everyone a homemade Vanilla/Blueberry milkshake on my little handy dandy milkshake maker.
I scooped in the ingredients and then turned it on.
I had a few drips on the counter, so I walked to the sink to get a washcloth. As soon as I walked away from the machine, the metal milkshake cup flew from under the machine and onto the floor.
Needless to say, I had "milkshake" all the way across the kitchen, on the cabinets, on the walls, on the floor and in the adjoining 
mud-room. I immediately looked at the HUGE mess and then at Katelyn who asked, "Mom . . . why did you walk away from that?"
In as calm a voice as I could muster I said, "Well, I never had a problem the last time I used it." We both looked at the mess as our four furry babes decided it was "snack time"!

This lil' accident = "Seriously???"


This evening Katelyn was filling up the dog water jug in the bathroom when it slipped and splashed water everywhere.
Katelyn looked at me and asked, "Are you kidding me?"


If you were to visit our home on any given day,
I am certain you would leave with memories sure to stay with you for a while. I am not talking about a life changing event,
but the little things . . .

Upon ringing the door bell you:

 will immediately realize there are several furry 
creatures ready to welcome you. 

will hear the running stomps of EIGHT growing boy feet
and possibly a tussle between them over 
who is going to answer the door.

Once you are welcomed in, you will probably be led to the family room or even possibly the kitchen. The boys will generally ask if they can get you something . . . ice water or coffee. They are excellent at getting both . . . the coffee is fresh ground.

I recommend you keep you shoes on your feet.
With four boys, dogs, etc . . .
water, ice cubes, sand, guinea pigs, dog treats, Lego . . .
I am just sayin ~ you just might want to keep them on.

While you are visiting, you just might meet:
Zeus, Apollo and Artemis
(the Bearded dragons)
Never turn your head quickly if one of the boys say . . .
"Hey look at this!"
Unless of course you have brought a change of clothing!
(most people aren't expecting to turn to see a lizard eye to eye)

You may be invited to help feed the ducks.
They love Cheerios!!!
The boys will lead you outside to the dock . . .
feel free to take your shoes off and dangle your legs over the side.
The ducks are usually right there as soon as they are called, so you will get to meet them up close and personal.
They may even nibble at your toes ~ it really doesn't hurt, but may startle you a little bit.

After visiting the ducks you just might get invited to fish.
Just know, the rules at our house involve baiting your own hook.
No Sissies here!

Life at our house is unpredictable and you just never know what the day will bring our way. We try to spend our weekends without many plans . . . it is much easier to just "go with" 
whatever comes our way. 

Life . . .
it happens each and every second of every day.
You never know from one second to the next . . .
What is going to happen next?

Will it be . . .



Are you Kidding Me???

Oh My!

Oh Dear!

I Love You!



That is Great!!!


Whatever it is . . .
We call it home!

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