Wednesday, September 18, 2013

It is HARD to Believe . . . Ryan is ELEVEN!

Happy Birthday Ryan!

Today, our RyRy turned Eleven years old.
It is SO hard to believe eleven years have passed since we first set eyes on our little gift from Heaven, our first son!

Ryan's special day was SCHOOL FREE!

He was thrilled!

Katelyn, Ryan and I head off to Funk Grove this morning.
We had a great drive and even a bit of a "treasure hunt" when we were a bit lost. Funk's Grove has quite a few visitor attractions and we began at one of them (and asked directions from there) and were only about four miles off. We had fun and have decided that it is more fun to NOT exactly know directions full because we feel that half of the fun is finding your way.
It has become a family tradition!

We spent a few hours soaking in gems, crystals, minerals and fossils at the museum.

 Then next door to the Prairie House - Funk's House.

Ryan was checking out the bathroom.

Ryan in the foyer of the home.

The sun was pretty bright.

We had a wonderful time. Before we knew it, it was time to head home. We traveled on Old Route 66 . . . 
and then hit McDonald's for lunch.

We dropped Katelyn off at her car that was at the office ~ she headed off to school.

We picked up the boys and the dogs from grooming.
Onward to home we went.

 Present time!
This guy already knew what all of his gifts were,
He had picked them out.

He gave me a kiss and hug a few minutes ago and told me that 
HIS day was AWESOME!
He then thanked me.

Melts My Heart!


Eleven Things About My Eleven Year Old!

1. Ryan loves to BUILD electronic things ~ 
and he is really good at it.

2. Ryan is an avid rock, mineral, gem and fossil collector.

3. Ryan hates spiders!

4. Sometimes Ryan forgets to wear underwear.

5. My boy is going to have HUGE feet. He already wears a men's size 8. I do believe he is going to be tall.

6. Ryan LOVES reptiles!

7. Ryan can be very sensitive.

8. Ryan loves to stay up late and sleep in ~ just like his mama.

9. Ryan loves the ducks and has always helped take care of them.

10. Ryan's eyes are beautiful.

11. Ryan is constantly curious - asking questions and expanding in knowledge. I love seeing him light up when something "clicks".

My boy is growing up quickly before my eyes.

Happy Birthday Ryan Matthew!


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Leslie said...

Happy Birthday dear Ryan! You are growing into a handsome young man! It sounds like you had an amazing day at one of my favorite places on Earth! I miss you! Hugs to you on your birthday!

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