Thursday, September 26, 2013

He Loves You

This week has been long and hard. We have had many things to tend to and then sickness hit me. There is a crazy horrible headache, sinus pressure virus hitting everyone in our area and it really knocked me down. Thankfully, I was up and back at it today.

I thought I would post a little update on our lives as of late . . .

  • The ducks are self sufficient now, although we do give them a little something each day. We love the ducks . . . they make us smile.
  • The boys are growing like weeds and they are eating us out of house and home. 
  • School is going well and we are thankful. Mrs. P is working with them for the second school year and things are going much better - that first year of home schooling all four was pretty hard, but they finished and we all survived.
  • The new Enviro-Safe facility is coming along. It certainly takes time to get everything in order . . . there is so much to taking care of each and every little step. Randy is doing an amazing job of keeping it all together and running smoothly. I hope to get a few pictures in the next weeks of progress that you can actually see. These past weeks have been full of those details that you really can't see once the buildings are up. Setting up, laying out, reading plans, verifying plans, marking land, surveying, digging trenches for piping, footings for the walls, cement floors, etc. 
Our weeks have been full to overflowing with training for our employees. Hours and Hours have been spent and there are many more hours ahead. It is our goal to have our employees finished with all training prior to moving into the new Enviro-Safe facility. No one can ever have too much training. 

We are Thankful to God for seeing us through every step of the way. Believe me when I tell you . . . we couldn't make it through a day without the Love, Grace and Guidance of God! Seventeen years ago, Randy I and started our business . . . we immediately gave it to God . . . still today, we give it to God daily. There are definitely rough patches, but God never leaves our side. Don't get me wrong, there are days when things aggravate, irritate or even make us angry. It is at those times I think we need God the most . . . we have to always remember it is God's Business, let him lead. 

Some people question, "Is there a God?" To those people I have a definite answer . . . YES! We have witnessed the Hand of God in so many ways! There have been times this past year we have been stopped in our tracks . . . seeing the Handiwork of God. Most times all we have to do is to REMEMBER to stop, be quiet and look ~ it may be right in front of us.

The other night I was reading and came across a little message. When praying TALK to God . . . just as if you were having a cup of coffee with a friend. God wants to hear from you and I. We don't have to be formal or anything like that. We can simply Talk to Him . . . he wants to hear from us.

God isn't only there for business owners. He is there when:
  • The kids have been making you crazy all day long.
  • The bills are piled up.
  • The car has broken down.
  • You and your spouse aren't seeing eye to eye.
  • Your teenager is giving you a run for your money.
  • You have lost your job.
  • Life isn't being fair.
  • You have lost your best friend.
  • You feel all alone
He is there and He promises He will Always be there. 

Hebrews 13:5 - I will never leave you or forsake you.

Friend, take a few moments tonight to simply TALK to Him! He Loves You!

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