Sunday, September 8, 2013

Festival, Ducks, Rain

It is Festival Weekend in my little corner of the world. Our lil' city has been overtaken by people from all over the Country. Katelyn went with Grandma and the red headed cousins this morning when it was nice outside, but by the time they returned to our house the heat was on.

As for the boys, Randy and I . . . we stayed home ~ were it was cool and safe from throngs of people and craziness. We took the day nice and easy . . . enjoying simplicity. The boys played with their Lego sets and had a great time simply building. Randy and I relaxed out back with the ducks for a while. I took my small camera out and did get a few photos. Initially my flash was on and caught the duck eyes funny . . . 

I have to say, my first impression of this photo . . .
they look like zombies . . .
duck zombies.

The ducks weren't wasting any time getting their lil' treat. I laugh when I see food on their bills that make them look like they have a little "milk mustache".

We aren't sure exactly WHO opened their little duck bills to the others, Sullivan, Herridan, Skipper, Gilligan or the Cayuga ducks,
but the word is out around our lake . . .
nummies at JuJu's house.

They do eat from the lake, but our Cayuga's grew up eating what we gave them plus lake food. Well, someone decided to "leak" a little information and it wasn't long before we began having ducks stand in line for a lil' snack.

Skipper is doing well and has fit in well with the others.
He really seems happy.

Gilligan is still a bit small, but is beginning to fill out a bit.

Sullivan now has his beautiful Male Mallard coloring - he is absolutely gorgeous! It makes us so happy to see how well he is and that he is all grown up now.

Herridan has grown up too and continues to look like a female. Who knows, maybe next spring Sullivan and Herridan  will have little ducklings to show us!

The Cayuga ducks are pretty large now. Their coloring is gorgeous and they have wonderful personalities! People that boat on our lake slow to watch them swim or just hang out. Several of them have stopped to ask us about them. They are definitely attention getters.


There is a possibility we will get rain tonight.
It will certainly be welcomed.
We have not had rain in months!

However, Our friends in Utah are experiencing flooding conditions all around them. Please pray for the residents of Utah County.

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