Sunday, September 29, 2013

A Windy but Beautiful Day for a Baptism

Saturday afternoon, we were honored to attend the Baptism of our daughter Katelyn and a new friend Amber. Plans have been underway for several weeks now and Saturday was the day.

We were a little concerned because rain was in the forecast, but God held it off until after the Baptisms were complete.

The Baptisms were done here at the lake. As you can see, the first of the guests have arrived.

The ducks were a bit curious as to what exactly was going on.
Definitely unique!

The families arrived and all headed to the lake.
Katelyn was first up . . .
Pastor Sean (a long time family friend) said a few words.

He explained the purpose of Baptism.

The brothers sat on the shore . . .
they were very well behaved.

After Katelyn was Baptized it was Amber's turn.
Her family was there and took pictures.
I took one of Pastor Sean and the girls.

Grandma and Grandpa with Katelyn.
Love this photo!

 And finally a photo of our crew . . .
It was a lovely Baptism!

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Leslie said...

What a beautiful girl and that smile could just knock me out! What a wonderful privilege to share friendship with your family all these years and to be able to see your sweet baby grow into such a fine young woman. Much, much love to her and to you all!

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