Monday, September 9, 2013

a Monday of All Mondays

Our morning began a bit out of sorts, You know how MONDAY'S can be!

Katelyn had an early class and was out the door before the boys and I made it to the main floor. She is usually in the kitchen to help keep a little order when the boys head down for breakfast. She is such a blessing to me . . . albeit a bit of a drill sergeant for the boys, but secretly they still love her! lol

The boys began their nonsense pretty early . . . you know how boys are:

  • I'm tellin'
  • M-O-M!!!!!!
  • Mommy, did you know that . . . 
  • Don't take MY stuff . . . I am tellin' Mom . . .
  • M-O-M
So then I intervene - "Boys get your teeth brushed we are leaving soon. Did the ducks get fed? How about the guinea pigs? EJ did you feed the dogs?"

We finish up so we can head out the door . . . once again a few minutes late. I walk through the kitchen and over to my desk when I catch something move out of the corner of my eye. I turn to see this:

Even Emma knows something is not right.
When Cameron was adding food and hay to the guinea pig cage, Gibbs apparently decided it was time to eat "OUT". He was perfectly content to be eating the dog food.

I quickly snapped a few photos and then called Cameron back inside to take a look at what had happened. He came back in and I said, "look at this and tell me what is wrong". He took a look and said, "I didn't get the cage clipped all the way." He started to walk over to the cage to clip it but I stopped him. I said, "Besides that, what doesn't quite look right to you?" Would you believe he DIDN'T notice the guinea pig out of his cage and eating the dog food? I am not kidding!

Gibbs decided enough of the photo taking . . . he headed back to his cage and waited for Cameron to open the door so he could get back in.

I have to say, that whole guinea pig thing made me chuckle all day!


The day went by pretty quickly . . . the boys made it through another day of school and I accomplished much. Randy was working out in the HEAT all day . . . We are close to record temps for this time of year and tomorrow is to be even hotter!

We arrived home to find Daddy had already cooled off in a nice tub of water. The kids decided we should go out to eat, so they asked him if he wanted to. He did, so we headed to Bob Evans to eat as we had not been there in a while. We were promptly seated and had a lovely waitress. We were beyond thrilled when we learned the kids eat free! BONUS! Everyone ate until they almost couldn't move and then we headed to our safety and shelter . . . our home. Don't you think every home should be considered your safe shelter? A place where you know all is well within!

The house is all quiet now as everyone is snuggled in bed. I will wrap this up and head to bed myself. It has been a long day . . . and it all begins again tomorrow morning. At least we have Monday done!

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