Friday, September 13, 2013

A Long Week, Pictures of Construction, Ducks and Beckett

Phew, we made it through another work and school week.
It was a long one and I am thankful for the weekend to relax.
My week has been full of "training and testing" - actually the past three weeks have been. We have instituted and new "Training" regimen at work . . . how to handle just about anything is being addressed. Each employee - including all staff, is being trained and tested . . . hours and hours and hours worth. No one is exempt.
To say my brain has turned to mush is a bit of an understatement!

Today I stayed home and worked a bit.
I finished up four training sessions and tests.
Afterward, I took a little nap.
Before I knew it, the kids were home.
Everyone took the opportunity to unwind a bit.
It was a long week for everyone.

There has been much accomplished at our new Enviro-Safe "Complex"! The crews have been supper busy!

Footings have been poured and the floor is going in one the first building to go up.

This big truck of pipe was delivered a few weeks ago.

Pipelines are being ran everywhere.
So glad the guys know how to read those plumbing plans!

Great work everyone!


Tonight, we began by going outside with the ducks.
We love watching them all together.

Lil' Beckett joined Randy, the boys and I outside.

She is a lil' Diva and loves to pose for me!

After being outside, we all joined in the family room to watch Star Trek, except for Cody. He came down to the main floor, gave me a huge hug and told me, "Mom, I am not going to watch "Star Trek" because I am watching a "One hour event" upstairs. He was watching "Jessie". He must have really been into it because we didn't hear from him until Star Trek was over.

Tomorrow is SLEEP IN day for all.

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