Saturday, August 10, 2013


I want to thank you all for your prayers these past few days. Thursday night I felt an enormous urging to request prayers for some situations we are going through. Little did I know, Friday there would be an incident that required much prayer, peace, guidance and wisdom. Yesterday afternoon I became extremely overwhelmed at the Grace of God . . . I firmly believe that enormous urging to request prayer from family and friends came from the Holy Spirit! You see, God knew exactly what our day on Friday would entail . . .

Randy left for breakfast as he normally does every week morning to his breakfast spot. He meets several guys there for breakfast and a chat before heading off to work. Well, Friday morning he was heading out of the diner when he was confronted by two guys - one got in his face. This guy was a "Union" thug which began telling Randy the Union Prevailing Wage was required on our new facility construction site. Randy explained "Why" our facility was not under the Prevailing Wage Act but the guy would not listen. Randy and one of the guys were inches apart when the guy began threatening him. Randy basically held his ground, told him like it was and then turned around and walked to his car. Apparently, there was also a guy that had been in the diner listening to conversation and waiting for Randy also. 
One of the guys was named was Marty.
These "Union" guys had been following Randy! 
Freaky, right?

What we didn't know was at the same time our concrete contractor was being confronted at his favorite "coffee" stop before he headed to the job site. He was harassed and told . . . "you know HOW to take care of this matter" . . . translated from our contractor as . . .
"Pay us and we will go away!" 
The guys name was Steve S.
(yes, we know his last name)

These "Union" guys have been driving by the new site, stopping and asking names. They have now began harassing at breakfast and coffee stops . . . where will it end?
They are lying and spreading rumors to intimidate.
They demand us to hire Union companies and to pay prevailing wages. They make claims that are untrue.
We consider these actions by the local Union illegal and completely not necessary. 

A few questions come to mind . . .
When our plant had an explosion in March, where were they then? We had contractors that helped us after the explosion. They heard about it and were there to help us right away.

Now, when there is BIG money to be made, the UNION wants a piece of it. Don't get me wrong, we HAVE hired a few "Union" companies for jobs on our new facility. Those companies we have used many times over the years, they have always been fair with us and their work has been exceptional.

Friday was a challenging day . . .
BUT God knew what was going to happen BEFORE it happened.
He never left our side.

Guidance and direction were immediately provided . . .
one of our Attorney's called just when we needed him. He was there with assistance and direction.

What the "Union" people are doing IS harassment and if needed, we will use Legal actions to control the situation, we pray this will not be required. 

Please know, we are not anti-union. In fact, Randy was in a Union when we married and I grew up with my Dad in a Union for much of my life. We know that the "union thugs" that we are dealing with do NOT represent the normal Union guy. 

We are thankful for each of your prayers . . .
we cherish them.


Julie O said...

Yikes! Things are sure different in your neck of the woods. AZ is a right to work state. We have a few unions. Your story sounds like a work of fiction. I'm glad your Randy is safe.

Julie said...

You are so right, it does sound like fiction. I find it hard to believe and we are living it.

Thank you so much for your comment. So glad you don't have issues like this in your state.

I thank God my Randy is safe.

Blessings to you!

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