Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Skipper and Gilligan

Today was HOT! It really felt stifling outside!!!
The boys even noticed . . .
and that is saying something.

Randy called me this afternoon to let me know he was rescuing two ducks from Peoria. Apparently, they were in an alley and had been there for a week or so. Of course, there was no air movement and the ducks were on hot, hot, hot pavement. The poor babies were dirty and cowering by a gas meter. So, four of my crew headed to rescue these poor little creatures. Within minutes of arriving, the ducks had been rescued and were on the way "home" to our house.
The poor little things were just panting away and we are pretty certain they were overheated.

Let me introduce you to . . .


and Gilligan

They traveled home in a dog kennel and befouled the inside.
Once home, they were immediately taken to the lake.
At first they looked at the water and stared . . .
then they took action.

From what we can tell, these little feathered ones 
are very good friends!
Friends that stick together!
Watching them together reminded me immediately of Gilligan's Island, which was my favorite show growing up.
The big white duck reminded me of the Skipper and of course the Skipper always had his little buddy Gilligan.

They took to the water immediately.

Meanwhile, the six Cayuga ducks were enjoying dinner on the other side of the dock.

Before long, we saw this:

Skipper and Gilligan were swimming along with the Cayuga ducks. It made us smile! Of course, the ducks all had to make known the pecking order . . . or should I say, the NEW pecking order. Needless to say . . . Gilligan is on the bottom of the pecking order, but Skipper definitely protects him.

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