Saturday, August 10, 2013

Saturday night

What a beautiful day it was! The sun was shining and it wasn't too hot . . . plenty of time to enjoy the outside. Of course, that doesn't do much for the inside . . . you know how the weekends are . . . the kids grab and drop things EVERYWHERE! Oh well, things tidy up . . . beautiful days don't happen every weekend so we can enjoy the outside.

This evening we enjoyed the company of our niece and nephew's family . . . three little girls and a bouncing baby boy is on the way. Today was our nephew's birthday . . . Happy Birthday Josh! They came by with cupcakes - oh so yummy chocolate (the kids devoured) and carrot cake with cream cheese frosting! I had 3/4 of one and decided I needed to be careful, so I shared bites with Cameron and EJ! lol

We sat out on the dock as we chatted and enjoyed watching the kids swim. The ducklings were enjoying the lake and we laughed as we watched them. We stayed out on the dock until we almost couldn't see one another and then moved to the patio and lit a fire in the fire pit. The kiddos chattered and played while we relaxed and enjoyed the beautiful fire. 

Tomorrow will be here in an hour, so I suppose I should say good night!

Enjoy your Sunday . . . 

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