Friday, August 30, 2013

RIP Dear Neighbor

This morning our Dear neighbor is being laid to rest. Please pray for his family and friends as they say "goodbye" to him.

Dick has been our neighbor since 1999. When we bought our home Dick and his wife Ardyce were the first neighbors we met. Ardyce passed away almost five years ago.

Dick has always teased our kiddos . . . he was a bit on the ornery side. He used to tease with Katelyn quite often and then the boys. We have very fond memories of our precious neighbor . . .

Katelyn loves to bake and cook. Dick was the recipient of many meals Katelyn prepared. At one point last year, Dick told Katelyn we had to slow down bringing him meals over as he was gaining weight. He laughed and then said, "I don't know what you put in there, but I REALLY liked it!"

Dick was a HUGE fan of Katelyn's apple pie. Every Fall, Katelyn would take him over a freshly baked apple pie. Dick would take that pie and hide it from his family. He would not share it. He would always laugh when telling about it. One holiday we sent over a sweet potato pie . . . he said, "It was good, but not as good as Katelyn's apple pie!"

One day I gathered the boys and we headed outside with baggies on our hands and bags . . . it was time to clean up goose poop. We headed over to Dick's house and began poop duty. He came out to his deck and asked what in the world we were doing. The kids and I smiled and told him we were cleaning up goose poo from his yard for him. The kids and I cleaned up the back and the side yard then, moved to the front yard. All of a sudden candy was falling from the sky. The kids stood and looked up . . . I am sure they were as caught off guard as much as I was. I looked around the corner of the house to see Dick reaching in a bag of candy and throwing it in the air and over the garage for the kids. He had a HUGE smile. The kids were delighted and I thought it was so very sweet. We wanted to be a blessing to him and he turned right around and was a blessing to us!

We are thankful for the wonderful memories these past fourteen years.

Rest in Peace dear neighbor. Although we will miss you, we are thankful you are no longer in pain, you are no longer tethered to an oxygen line and knowing you . . . you are busy being ornery up in Heaven. 

Love . . . Randy, Julie and the Kids

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