Monday, August 26, 2013


Randomness . . . the art of being random 

(or a mish mash of this and that)

The entire house is quiet . . . except for that crazy male dog in our house that continues to dig through the bathroom garbage.
Yeah, I know . . . it is gross!
He is a boy, what can I say?


We should buy stock in Cheerios.
The ducks are CRAZY for them ~
they should make a commercial or something!

I have a package of "clickable" Sharpie markers on my desk.
You would not believe the oooos and ahhhhs I heard from my children about MY NEW MARKERS!
(HaPpY dAnCiNg)


Note to self . . .
After consuming Sharp Cheddar Cheese . . .
brush or use mouthwash immediately.
(substitute mint gum if needed)
I certainly don't want to be call "YUCK Mouth"


I seem to be using an "old family saying" in our home a little too much lately!  "I can't have nothin!" It usually is said when something gets broken that belongs to mama/me.


The other night I asked the boys if they knew how baby Berkeley came out of Melissa's tummy. I did get a few interesting answers.

~ through her belly button

~ the doctor unzipped her belly

~ Do WE have to talk about this? Really?


I was asked "What is Honeycomb?"
I explained it is a cereal.
"What does it taste like?"
Me: Honeycomb
Then I sang the song!
It ended the questions.

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Jenny @ flutterbyechronicles said...

Fun post. I laughed out loud at "I sang the song! It ended the question" ;)

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