Tuesday, August 13, 2013

My Boys . . . One by One Part 2

Continuing my little segment on my boys . . . Cameron.

Cameron is my second son, third child. He is ten years old and will be in the 4th grade in school. Cameron is in that in between stage. He still loves parks and playgrounds, but also wants to be a part of the "tween" scene.

Cameron likes to read and does so very well. I am excited for him this school year as we have a lot of really fun books for him to read.

Cameron likes to be the "head of the pack" so to speak. He likes to be the Chief over the younger boys.

Lego and Playstation Vita keep him busy . . . sometimes a little too busy. lol

Cameron LOVES to make coffee and HE IS GREAT AT IT! He also loves to help cook. He and the other boys love to play "Chopped" when they are in the kitchen with me.

Cameron LOVES to talk and has never met a stranger. 

Here are a few recent photos of Cameron:

Cameron doesn't stay still for photos!

And pics from the past:

Cameron loves to fish!

He has his bossy finger going!
Ryan has his oppositional hands on his hips!

 Racing . . .
 Silly falls into the pool

 Birthday grins


My heart melts when I see Cameron so little.
Time is ticking away.

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