Wednesday, August 21, 2013

It is Time . . . They are BIG Ducks

Where has the summer gone. Of course, school is back in session, but more than that it is time to let our Cayuga Ducks decide what they are ready to do. This summer has been awesome . . . hatching and raising six ducklings (well, officially hatched seven including Herridan and raised eight adding in Sullivan).  

Our Cayuga Ducklings are pretty much GROWN up and they let us know tonight by swimming away from us in the lake. Although it saddens us they are moving on with their little duck lives, we are proud of them. They are such good ducks and they are more than big enough to survive. We will continue to put food and out for them in their pens, but I seriously doubt they will want to spend much time there. They all stick together and swim as a six-pack!

Tonight Sullivan tried to pick a fight with one of them and lost. He is now minus several duck feathers - I actually counted fifteen, but that doesn't account for the ones the Cayuga duck ate. Sullivan actually swam away when two of the Cayuga ducks tried to stand their ground water with him. The boys were cheering on the Cayuga ducks because Sullivan and Herridan simply need to know they can't continue to pick fights with them. Peaceful swimming is a good thing.

The Cayuga's swam to the other side of the lake so Katelyn jet skii'd over to round them up and escort them home. They did follow her and came back home . . . for a few minutes and then they were off to do as they pleased once again. When we came inside tonight the Cayuga's were by our dock enjoying the yummy goodness they find under water. They know how to go to the shore to get out of the water and up onto land to get to their pen/house . . . it is all up to them now.

Here are photos of our evening with the ducks:

Sullivan was picking a fight.

The Cayuga Ducks didn't appreciate it much.

Sullivan coming back for round two.

Beautiful Cayuga stretching its wings.
Sullivan is in the background.

Wing feathers are still coming in on this Cayuga, but is still
works on his wing strength.

Ryan, Cody and the ducks.

EJ and Cody

Sullivan trying to start something again.

a Stand off

Katelyn is leading the Cayuga ducks home.

Mia (our duck guard dog) was watching and waiting.

Cameron and Cody - swimming with the ducks.
Not sure which one is which, but the duck names are:
Finnigan, Aidan, Mochi, Jinx, Higgans, Drakan

I certainly hope they come visit like Sullivan and Herridan do. We have so many wonderful memories with the ducks . . . all of them.

We love you Ducks!

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