Friday, July 12, 2013

Updates, Prayer Request

Our sweet "Alice" has been gone this week with her youngest daughter. Her precious Julie had her appendix out and had complications which led to a second surgery. Last I heard, Julie was recovering and doing better. Please send a little prayer for "Alice" and her daughter Julie.


Our Cayuga ducklings have grown SO MUCH in two short weeks.
I think they grow as quickly as corn does in the July heat!
For those who don't know - you can literally hear the corn grow!

Yesterday, EJ and I finished putting together the Cayuga Duck house and run. Three ducklings enjoyed their first night in the "BIG HOUSE" last night. Aidan remained inside as he is so much smaller, but the poor little guy basically peep cried almost all night.
This morning, we put him with the other Cayuga's and he is happy, happy, happy. We will just keep a good watch on him to make sure he doesn't get hurt and gets plenty of food and water.

Here are a few pictures:

Remember these little guys???
Sullivan and Herridan . . .
they were so little!


In the course of six weeks . . .
they are almost grown.

and we have realized they are BOYS.

They are awesome little additions to our family.
They also listen better than the kids!
They come when I call and do not wander too far from me.

We LOVE all of our Feathered Family!


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