Saturday, July 20, 2013

Today . . . MY BIRTHDAY!

Today is my 49th Birthday. I wasn't sure how I was going to feel about turning 49 years because last year I felt a bit down at growing "old". Well, I woke this morning feeling excited about the day! I am thankful to be celebrating my 49th Birthday and know I am blessed beyond measure!

Shortly after I woke, my Cody peeked inside the master bedroom.
I had to smile because he could not contain his excitement!
My little 7 year old made me a Lego gift, complete with Lego guy. He also gave me one of his treasured Lego books.
Such sweet sacrifice!

Katelyn and Cody brought me home two lovely orchids yesterday from their little shopping trip. Katelyn knows this mama loves orchids and Cody was thrilled when I saw them.

There have been many whispers in my home today . . .
There have been shenanigans afoot!
I smile . . . and enjoy!

I will try to get photos up either tonight or tomorrow of my day . . .
gotta go and celebrate!

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