Friday, July 12, 2013

Staycation . . .

We haven't taken a Vacation in several years . . . in fact, it has been SEVEN. The last planned vacation was when the boys were very little . . . we enjoyed Sanibel Island for two weeks. It was fun, but also a TON of work! Maybe that is why we STAY Home . . .

The thought of packing for SEVEN . . . ugh

The thought of loading a trailer to pull for all of the packed items
. . .  ugh

The thought of four boys in the car together for 20+ hours 
. . . ugh

The thought of . . . well, you get the picture.

Instead of putting ourselves through inevitable stress, 
we would rather Stay Home and Enjoy our Family.

Almost five years ago we added on to our home and also had our yard landscaped and we enjoy it immensely.

During our continuous Staycation we will . . .

Jet Ski
Duck watch
Grilling out
Evening fires in the fire pit.

Enjoy Our Family

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