Thursday, July 4, 2013

July 4th

Whew . . . 4th of July was a BLAST . . . .(sorry, I couldn't resist)!
It is coming to and end.
I am processing photos from the day and have laughed at a few.
To say the least, we made many fun memories today.

Pictures from our day:

 We all slept in this morning, had breakfast and headed outside to help Daddy take parts off of the boat lift so we could put the pontoon under it.

First we all supervised . . .

FINALLY, we were able to help.
Mommy helped too . . . we had some lifting to do and she was taller than we are so she did that.

After the pontoon was under the cover so the birdies do not poop all over the new boat, we all went fishing!

Boy was everyone surprised when Mommy brought in this nasty looking guy! A catfish!

It wasn't ten minutes or so later when Mommy brought in this bass too!  We weighed it and found out it was a whopping .68 lbs!

 EJ brought in this little guy!

Fishing was great fun but before we knew it boats were everywhere and the fishing slowed WAY down.

Time for a nap!
We don't want any crabbies out on the boat tonight during fireworks!!!

The nap was wonderful . . . TWO HOURS!

After naps we ordered up pizza and then headed outside.

The boys ran crazy in the yard . . .
Sullivan and Herridan duck watched the show!

A friend of Daddy gave us some fireworks, so Daddy lit them up!

It was REALLY cool!

By this time, fireworks were being displayed all around the lake.
They were so fun to watch.

Before we knew it, it was time to load up the boat and head out.

Ryan was trying out the sunning deck . . .
Yes, he did put a life jacket on.

The lighting on the boat is really pretty. Even the cup holders light up so you don't loose your drink!

Cody was cheesing around . . .
and that is Katelyn's foot.

Soon, the fireworks began.

For some reason, the fireworks all looked like some sort of food to the boys. Katelyn and I simply thought they were beautiful and many reminded us of flowers. The reflection of the fireworks was so beautiful! There is nothing like fireworks over water!

We had a super duper 4th of July!

Thank you to all who Sacrificed for our Freedom!

God Bless!

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