Saturday, July 6, 2013

I Live in Paradise!

Life these past few days has been incredibly relaxing and fun. We have stayed busy and outside for the most part . . . except for nap time! lol  To say the least, we have gotten in a lot of sun . . . my lil' nose is even a bit red and sore tonight. 

This afternoon we decided to let the big ducks swim in the lake. It was amazing to watch! Sullivan and Herridan LOVED it! It made us so happy to watch them swim, dive under and dart about in the water! We also found out that Sullivan is actually a boy . . . his beautiful green coloring is coming through in his tail feathers!

After the kids and ducks swam together, we all headed inside for lunch and a nap.

After naps and dinner, we headed outside again.
I opened up the duck pen so the ducks could follow me to the lake.
The followed right along!

Although the did make a little time to stop and smell the flowers!
Mia walked right along behind them.
She seemed to be wondering WHY the ducks were going into the lake! I love her little expression.

 After the ducks had their swim and were safely back in their house, Randy and I fished until it was so dark we couldn't see the bobber. Just as I was reeling my line in . . .
this guy decided to grab a snack and Whamo!
JuJu caught a catfish!
(notice who is taking this guy off the hook!)

The sky was beautiful tonight.
The breeze was refreshing.
So relaxing.
I do believe I live in Paradise!


Jenny @ flutterbyechronicles said...

Very pretty and the ducks swimming was so cute.

Julie said...

Thanks Jenny!

Mrs. ORielly Class said...

After looking at all your gorgeous pictures, I have to agree, you do live in paradise. Your flowers are beautiful. I live in the hot, hot desert... not so much green let alone pretty flowers.

Julie said...

Thanks Mrs. O!

Mrs. ORielly Class said...

Actually, I'm a Julie too. :-)

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