Saturday, July 20, 2013

How Well Do You KNOW Me?

I thought this would be kind of different and maybe even fun! I am going to make of list of things that MAY or MAY NOT be true about me . . . 49 things in honor of my 49th Birthday! 

  1. My nickname is JuJu.
  2. I have six children.
  3. I have 20 pets.
  4. My birthday is July 20.
  5. I was 18 when I married.
  6. I hate to be outside in the heat.
  7. I love to stay at home.
  8. When first married I didn't know how to make jello.
  9. I love naps.
  10. I never met a stranger.
  11. I have Type 2 Diabetes.
  12. I love to shop - in the store.
  13. I have my hair colored frequently.
  14. One of my favorite Bible Characters is Esther.
  15. My favorite Bible Teacher is Beth Moore.
  16. My favorite television show is America's Got Talent.
  17. I like fishing.
  18. I like swimming.
  19. I like running.
  20. This is the first summer I have worn capri type pants.
  21. I love to take photographs.
  22. I like to read.
  23. I tend to gravitate toward the unusual or different when I decorate.
  24. I shop at Walmart.
  25. I say, "Cracks me up" a lot.
  26. I have OCD.
  27. My favorite sandals are from Birkenstock.
  28. I am who you see.
  29. I love surprising my children.
  30. Lying makes me crazy.
  31. I like big hair.
  32. I loathe lists.
  33. I/we home school our boys.
  34. I live in Arizona.
  35. I find watching people interesting.
  36. I love having my picture taken.
  37. Sci Fi is my favorite.
  38. I am not a quitter.
  39. I actually have a signature laundry scent.
  40. I don't like pets inside.
  41. I have fat stubby big toes.
  42. I love to write about my family.
  43. My life is . . . well . . . unscripted.
  44. I am terrified of flying.
  45. I love OLD tv and OLD movies.
  46. I have a favorite brand of underwear.
  47. I went to a drive in theater with my Aunts when I was young.
  48. I did a "balloon dance" once.
  49. I am VERY SPOILED.
So there you have the list . . . 49 things. Are they true, false or do you know the answer? How well do you know me?

1 comment:

The Whitakers said...

LOL!! I didn't read the first part very well!! Because when I started going through the list I thought,,,,really??,,,I never would have guessed that...You HATE to shop! You don't have 6 kids, and you have more pets in the house than a lot of zoos! :) :)
Happy Birthday Julie! I hope it was a good one my wonderful friend!

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