Thursday, July 18, 2013

HOT, HOT, HOT and a Boy Room Makeover Update

This week has been HOT, HOT, HOT.

Several days in a row we brought the ducklings inside and put them into the bathtub to help keep them cool.

After a nice swim, we let the ducklings dry out while roaming our master bathroom - complete with pee pee pad covered floor.

While the ducklings were hanging out in the bathroom,
the kids and I were redecorating a bedroom.

Katelyn first took the canvas wall art off of three walls and then painted them. (day 2 she had a little help) 

Then, the drawing and painting began . . .

Making progress . . .
a little alien is soaring behind Zeus's aquarium.

The alien aquarium has everything hooked up and water inside.
Now just gravel and fishies.

a little artwork by the bedroom/hallway door

The wall above the bed is decked out in a glowing alien, 
stars and spaceships. It cover quite a bit of the wall & is really fun.

There are a few things left to finish up in this boy bedroom makeover . . .

 . . . we are waiting for the bed to arrive

. . . a few bits of decor to sit atop his large armoire chest.

. . . black sand for the fish tank

. . . fishies

. . . a little alien sign that shows a space ship beaming up a cow

Cody is THRILLED with his bedroom makeover and could wait for it to get dark so he could see the alien and space ships glow in the dark. Katelyn nailed it on this project with 
the glow in the dark paint.

When the bed, decor and sign are all in place, I will post a picture.


Almost ready to begin project #2 . . .

Boys' Star Wars Bedroom

That project begins soon!

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