Sunday, July 28, 2013

Flying, Growing and Beauty

Sullivan . . . our little duck rescue . . . took flight twice this weekend. We were actually witness to the first flight that was about 15 feet up and about ten feet forward. We were so excited, we cheered and cheered!

Way to Go Sullivan!!! Big Duck . . . almost all grown! (sniff!)

Sullivan is a BEAUTIFUL duck!
(BTW, although we have noticed a bit of green on Sullivan, the jury is still out on if Sullivan is a he or a she.)

Mia is our "Guard Duck Dog" . . . she actually tries herding them.
Good Girl!

Herridan is very inquisitive.
I had left a tiny bit of water in the bottom of my glass and
Herridan decided he/she needed to help herself!

Lil' Smarty Pants!

The Cayuga ducklings are a month old now . . .
where has the past month gone?
They were so tiny . . .

a short four weeks later . . .

The ducklings are so fun and have tons of personality!
We love them.


I also wanted to show you some of our garden containers that are in full summer splendor!

1 comment:

Jenny @ flutterbyechronicles said...

It baffles me how fast they grow. Ours that have taken up residency between me and my neighbors house are huge now.

Your flowers are gorgeous.

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