Sunday, July 7, 2013

Doing It All - Impossible!

Many times I am asked, "How do you do it all?" There is one simple answer, I don't because there is no possible way.

I do strive to make things as easy as possible.
If there is a "helper" I utilize it, let me explain.

I loathe going to the store . . .
any store. They completely exhaust me! People are rude, pushy, loud, irritating and just plain everywhere I need to be in a store. I know store atmosphere pushes my buttons, so I stay away from them. Saying that, I know you are wondering,

 "How in the world do you get what you need to run your home?" 

Online shopping is my greatest helper!
I shop there for just about everything my family needs from the basic necessities like toilet paper, deodorant, cereal, laundry products, dish soap, garbage bags, chips, etc.
I also shop for birthday presents, other gifts, school supplies, pet supplies, etc. etc. etc.
I generally only purchase items if they are PRIME 
and therefore are shipped FREE!
I also subscribe to items I need to restock each month . . .
they ship automatically! A tremendous time saver!
I also shop on - but compare prices against

Another help I use . . .
Gymboree and Hanna Andersson for the boys' clothing ~
Easy to choose and I watch for sales and gymbucks.

Katelyn and Randy take care of any fresh or frozen grocery item(s) that are needed. They are tremendous at this!!!

Our home is tended by our sweet "Alice". She loves and cares for our home and family five days a week. She is AMAZING and we LOVE her so very much! Alice always has a smile on her face!!!

The boys head into work with me two days a week and work on a History unit with Mrs. Pluth. Two other days they enjoy spending time with my sister Janeie. The kids are staying quite busy and are learning at the same time. Friday I am usually home with the kids.

Everyone pitches in to help with all of our critters, sharing responsibilities and enjoying each one.

On the weekends we all join together to have a great time but there is also time each day that we work together to accomplish a 
"honey do" job.

Of course, I am thankful for those "appliances" that make my job a bit easier . . . dishwasher, washing machine, dryer, cars, vacuum cleaner, stove/oven. What would we do without them?

A Woman wears many hats . . .

Daughter, Sister, Wife, Niece, Grand daughter, Aunt, Job position, 

The Mom portion of a Woman means many more hats:
teacher, nurse, referee, chef, laundress, seamstress, entertainment committee, organizer, chauffeur, secretary, photographer, etc.

Although we try to "take care of it all" there is absolutely not enough time in the day. Use all helps you can . . . if someone offers to help, take them up on it.

Take time to refresh yourself!

Take time to reflect and renew in God's Word!

AND remember to take time for you!

(ps. it doesn't matter if there is dust on the furniture or smudged on your windows . . . Life happens and you can tackle it one thing at a time . . .)

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