Monday, July 15, 2013

Boy Bedroom Redesign Part 1

I have been contemplating some changes around our house for a few months now . . . switching around bedroom "owners" since the boys are getting older now. I have thought for a while that Cameron should have his own room . . . and since Cody is not a baby anymore (he is 7), I could change up Cody's little boy room for Cameron and then have EJ and Cody share a room.

I spoke to the boys about the change and everyone was in agreement! Cody is ALWAYS in EJ's room anyway . . . 
so, should be an easy switch.

This morning, it began!

Katelyn began taking down the large canvas mural that has graced Cody's room since it was Ryan's and he was 2 1/2.

The kids made great progress taking down the wall mural canvas.
Only one wall to go tomorrow.
I worked on sorting and organizing toys - sheesh!

The toys and stuffed animals are now off the bed.
The bed is disassembled.
The room looks so DRAB now!
The ugly before the beauty.

Katelyn and Cameron chatted about what he wanted painted on one wall. He thought for a minute and decided Aliens.
Of course, Katelyn's wheels were already turning in her Artist mind. Colors have been chosen and the design agreed on.

This was the inspiration . . .
I am pretty certain Cameron's new room is going to be amazing!

More pictures coming tomorrow . . .

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Leslie said...

I can't wait to see it.

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