Saturday, July 13, 2013

Beautiful Saturday

Quick post of our day . . . 

Katelyn, Cameron and I cleaned the boat . . . Nasty bug poop!

Randy picked up minnows for the ducklings . . .
They LOVED them!
I have two videos on FB if you want to see them.

After eating the ducklings followed EJ to their little duck pen.

Beckett and I were watching Daddy fish.

and the boys swim in the lake . . .
yes, we have a pool, but they love to swim with the fish.

 Meanwhile, Daddy was fishing to the far left of them.

 Shark Cody was swimming hard.

 After the fishing and the swimming, it was time to clean the bug yuckies off of the boat.

We headed inside for an afternoon nap . . .
and then back outside for a boat ride.
We enjoyed the beautiful flowers on the way.

 Checked in on the ducklings . . .

 Everyone was happy.

and then we took a quiet boat ride . . .
only ONE kiddo . . .
the others were finishing their chores.

Cameron holding Mia - they both love the boat.
Beckett went along too, but was in my arms - too hard to take a photo backwards.

It was a beautiful night, so calm a just the right temperature.

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