Sunday, June 2, 2013

Weekend in Pictures

Our weekend began with rain, rain and more rain!

Once the rain stopped, we were able to get some herbs planted in our OLD fashioned containers.
Old and rustic type out on the dock . . .
they definitely cannot blow away in the strong winds.

Sunday afternoon we sat out on the dock while we watched the kids play and then gather sticks that had fallen out in the yard.

We have had SO much rain, the water was coming up the sides of the dock of the boat and jet skiis.

There was a HUGE stick collection . . .
Holy Smokes Batman . . .
look at that BIG stick Cody!

Seeley Booth was trying to "help!"

They were super excited to throw sticks into the fire pit.

Emma relaxed.

Beckett snuggled with daddy!

Flower containers are boasting new color!

I never tire of looking at the beautiful color!

Sturdiness is a MUST when one lives on a lake with high wind.

Made this little beauty through Shutterfly.

More beauty.

Container with Aunt Darlene's angel in it.

Cute little birdhouse.

The greenery looks gorgeous and the hydrangeas will be turning blue soon.

Sweet little "tea roses".

 I love front porches!

 We came in a bit earlier than normal on a weekend.
It is ch ch ch chilly outside!


Mrs. ORielly Class said...

Love your porch sign. Where did you get it?

Mrs. ORielly Class said...

Love your porch sign, where did you get it? You have a truly beautiful home, I am glad I stumbled upon your blog. I'm from the farm land outside of Phoenix, AZ. It's over 100 degrees at least 6 months of the year, so I enjoy seeing your different shades of green! And your lovely family and their antics.

Julie said...

Mrs. Orielly Class,

Thank you for your comment! The porch sign was purchased from a lady on Etsy. Here is her lil' site:

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