Saturday, June 29, 2013

Time Gets Away . . . Keep Memories in Pictures

Time certainly has a way of getting away from me, how about you?

This past week I had a great time taking photos . . .

We were thrilled to welcome six beautiful baby ducklings!
The ducklings are Cayuga and native to New York.
I purchased the eggs from Metzer Farms online ~ I ordered six and received 7. We kept 4 eggs at our house and 3 eggs went to our niece and nephew's house for their girls to hatch.
The hatching process is amazing and if you have never experienced it, I highly recommend it . . . especially if you have kiddos ~
even better if you home school!

 Our eggs began their incubation on June 1 and each day we would count down one more day. We candled the eggs once a week and could watch them grow and wiggle around inside the egg.

Finally the day came . . .
the little ducklings began their hatch.

We love the first glimpse of each baby duckling!

First little one out . . . Draken.
Poor little fella . . . hatching is hard work.

One by one they hatch . . .
completely exhausted.

They quickly learn to love one another.

Sullivan was peeking in on the babies.
Sullivan is only about 5 weeks old . . .
hard to believe the difference in their sizes.

The new hatches aren't the only babies!
Sullivan like a sweet cuddle.
(notice her beautiful feathers)

Herridan also loves a good snuggle.

The two eggs hatched at Aliyah's house too!
They struggled a little, but are doing well now.

Morning brought beautiful fluffy ducklings . . .
what a difference a day makes.

Finnigan, Aidan, Higgans and Drakan

Introducing Aliyah's ducklings:
Jinx and Motchie


I also had the privilege of taking my sister and her daughters' pictures. They are all so very beautiful!

Aren't they simply Gorgeous?

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