Saturday, June 15, 2013

Pressure Washing, BBQ Wings and Fishing

Whew, what a great day we had today! The kids and I were home today and took care of things outside. Our deck needed pressure washed, so we began to attempt it first thing this morning . . . (well, after coffee and a chat with my Mom). 

The boys helped me get our HUGE pressure washer out of the garage. The kids helped haul it up to the main floor deck. I then attached the hose and tried to start it . . . no go. Awww NUTS! So, I tried again and again. The battery to the auto start died and we had to recharge it. We tried and tried again . . . we found it was out of gas, so we put gas in it. After trying and trying, I FINALLY called Randy who sent me a HUGE Help!

Not only did Evan get the power washer started, he power washed my entire main floor deck and pool deck. He rocked!!! It was really dirty from winter and needed cleaning badly!

Beckett was VERY unhappy that I would not let her come outside while the pressure washer was running.

Time for a break and LUNCH!
Pizza and BBQ wings . . .
Cody LOVES wings!

After a long morning and early afternoon, the main floor deck had been pressure washed . . . twice.
This is a photo of our grilling and eating area.

After  all of the pressure washing, the boys took a swim in the pool. Mia sat and watched them.

Beckett was thoroughly exhausted!

Randy arrived home shortly after we finished up.
He was thrilled the job was done and he didn't have 
to take care of it tomorrow!

I am thankful it is done. Tomorrow I will vacuum the sitting area rug (looks just like the eating area rug). We installed it last year.

After dinner, we headed out to fish. We had a great time! All together we caught over 30 fish and we definitely had that
Scent of Parfume O' Fish!!!
I soaked in the tub a good long time!

The evening/morning is late/early so I need to say good night!


P.S. It is probably going to STORM now that the deck and pool deck is clean!!! Let me apologize now!

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Leslie said...

I love that picture of Cody all messy eating those wings. He is too cute! Hasn't stormed yet, but I think it is in the forecast. Maybe it will miss us.

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