Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Our Day . . . the Unexpected

This morning I woke feeling a bit crummy . . . seasonal allergies are at their peak for me. My eyes felt like I had slept in a sandbox, my nose congested and my head hurt. Today was Ryan's second day of camp and the boys were heading to Aunt Janeie's - I decided I would take the day to stay at home and try to UN Allergy myself - like that is even possible!

Araceli brought me a very welcomed cup of coffee this morning, before my feet even hit the floor. She is definitely a person that loves "tending" to others. She has a beautiful heart and we LOVE her! As I sipped my coffee, I had a lovely phone call with my Mom. I had moved out to my Master bedroom deck and the furry babes when with me. Although I love being outside, the pollen and cottonwood are blowing around making things a bit more uncomfortable for my nose and eyes.

Katelyn had errands to run today, so she took the boys where they needed to be prior to her hair cut. While she was out and about, Randy called home to tell me that he was bringing home a little duckling that had been abandoned. 

Randy handed the duckling over to me . . . he/she is very small and was weak. I immediately took it outside to our deck and sat with it in the sun so it could warm up. It snuggled in my hands and soaked up the warmth. 

Katelyn arrived home soon after and she held the little duck while I readied a brooder. A storage type container, a warming light, food and water and a little green "pet turf" on the bottom of the cage so it won't slip. Once all set up, we put the duckling in to sleep and recover a bit. 

We were able to get the duckling to drink and eat a tiny bit before it took a long nap. We decided to call it Sullivan after the man that found the little one. Apparently, the mama duck built a nest atop a building and then pushed each of the ducklings off. Some of the ducklings were o.k., a few died and this little one was left behind on the sidewalk while mama headed off toward water with the others.

This evening Sullivan was a Whole New Duckling. It was peeping, eating, drinking and pooping. I don't think the duckling is much older than two or three days as it still has its egg tooth on its bill. It is a bit wobbly, but tonight was pushing up on its legs while in my hands. It is still a little weak, but so much better than it was.

This is Sullivan . . . 
cuddling with a stuffed lion.
Sullivan is such a sweet little duckling.


In other news, our rescued duckling eggs are moving around like crazy. I noticed today that they move a lot when they hear Katelyn or my voice. All three were moving at once when we were talking to them this afternoon. Each day I think maybe we will see a little beak poking out of its shell, but so far the eggs are just wiggling. From our best estimates, the eggs are about 26 or so days in the incubation process. We are thrilled the eggs are all wiggling . . .
so far, three live ducklings!


Tomorrow morning I am heading into work. Katelyn will stay home to tend to Sullivan and keep an eye on the eggs.
I have a little information meeting about diabetes in the afternoon.
I am all in concerning learning about diabetes.

Diabetes update . . .
It has been three weeks now since the diagnosis. I have learned a lot and know I have so much to learn. I am charting each and every day . . . not only glucose scores, but everything I eat, blood pressure, heart rate and medication.

Last week I had my two week follow up with my doc . . .
she was pleased with my progress . . .
the charting is definitely worth doing as I can see where I was and where I am now. The doc upped my medication to 1,000 mg in the evening and 500 mg in the morning, I was not surprised.
This evening my glucose level was 117 and I am thrilled!
I have had the 117 reading twice today which is in the NORMAL range! Woo Hoo!
My fasting glucose is coming down from its high, but is not down as low as it is supposed to be. I know it takes a little time, so hopefully between the meds and my eating plan it will be where it is supposed to be soon.

Well, Beckett is telling me it is time for bed . . .
she is being VERY insistent!

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