Tuesday, June 11, 2013

My Girl Still Needs Her Mama

Today . . . well since it is 12:00 a.m. I should say yesterday . . . a new week began. The boys had a Mrs. P day and worked on a History unit of fun, dehydrated apples and were quite loud. I can always tell when they are enjoying themselves by the volume level!

Katelyn returned to college for two six week classes.
She said the class started pretty good and then went down from there. They began class . . . Mac computer required . . . as soon as the computer portion began . . . her brand new Macbook Pro crashed and I don't mean hit the floor! Katelyn and the teacher tried everything they could think of to get her Mac up and running, but it wouldn't work with them. She struggled through the class - trying to catch up with the others and use a nasty classroom computer. As soon as the class was over for the night I received a telephone call from a VERY distressed daughter. I listened to all that had occurred over the three hours of class . . . I could tell she was ready to lose it. I chatted with her . . . she wanted to quit.
I told her no . . . my daughter does not quit . . . even though she was an emotional wreck. 

She arrived home and made a cup of coffee. I told her to get her Mac and let me look at it. To be honest, I didn't have a clue.
The crazy thing totally lost track of its hard drive.
I went through the four options the computer gave me and quickly consulted youtube.com for a bit of direction.

Finally . . .
after two hours the computer was up and running . . .
PLUS the design software was installed AND
she began working on her assignment.
I encouraged her a bit by walking through the assignment with her.
Graphic Design . . . interesting class!

Tonight I smile . . .
my girl still needs her mama!

Praying her class goes well tomorrow!!!

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ML said...

She's still your baby! You saved the day! I hope that she enjoys her class.

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