Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Life is Keeping Us Busy!

Life has been busy in our little corner of the world. Raising kids, running a business, raising critters and more life doesn't leave a whole lot of free time.

The ducklings went for a little swim and now we are all outside.

Daddy has a container of crickets.
The ducklings LOVE crickets!

As you can see, they spot the crickets in the container right away.

Herridan thought should could get more crickets herself . . .
rather than waiting for Daddy to give her some.

The kids LOVE the ducklings . . .
Beckett . . .
Well, she is a bit undecided!

Beautiful growing ducklings.
They stay close by Randy and I at all times outside . . .
they never stray far from us.


The city approved our land purchase last night . . .
Randy signed a few things today and this afternoon he was ready to dig up some field . . .

Fun with the Bobcat!

BIG ditch!

Daddy and one of our boys.

The boys LOVE this type of "adventure"!

Into the corn field in search of "corn monkeys" . . .
o.k., not really . . .

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Leslie said...

Congratulations on the land purchase. God has richly blessed you as you have faithfully given your business to Him. Can't wait to see that building going up! Praying for you all!

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