Sunday, June 30, 2013

Kids and Critters

One night I had a little photo shoot idea . . .
it involved my kids and all of the creatures that live in my house.
Well, except the fish in the aquariums! I am pretty sure they would not have appreciated being in the backyard 
held up by their little fish tails for photos!

I gathered the kids and instructed each one which critter they needed to take to the backyard. Soon everyone was there, including Daddy as back up support. Daddy helped keep the critters in the photo . . . the ducks decided they didn't want in the photo and waddled out of the camera view a few times. The hedgehog decided she was anti photo as well. Bless Daddy's heart he corralled each of them quickly so photos could continue.

I took about two hundred photos, but then accidentally deleted the individual ones . . . I thought they had all been uploaded to the computer. I was a bit irritated with myself about that as I knew I had some pretty good pics there. Oh Well!

Here is a little peek at what our little photo shoot produced.

It was quite a challenge . . .
everyone had fun, I think!

Lovin' this one

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