Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Tonight we arrived home a little later than normal and a few minutes before Daddy came through the door. The boys were all chatty about their days and no one could get a word in . . . I was hoping they would calm and catch a good breath of air! 
They are so excited about the new movies "Monsters University and Despicable Me 2". Of course, they know each date they begin playing at theaters and have asked if we can go.

We had a quick bite for dinner and headed outside for the evening.
The breeze was gently blowing . . . it was so comfortable!
The boys were outside playing on the play-set while Randy and I watched the ducklings play in the yard. Three of the dogs - Emma, Mia and Beckett were on the scene keeping watch as well.

Ryan fed the ducklings crickets (the same ones we use for the Bearded Dragons) and the LOVE Them! They actually jump for them to get them from Ryan's hand.

The sun began to set and the ducklings were beginning to snuggle together in the grass . . . it was time to head in. I actually think we wear the ducklings out each evening. We take them inside to their pen and we usually don't hear much out of them the rest of the evening. Good little ducklings.

Things are calming here for the evening . . .
time for coffee and a book or movie.

BTW . . . Last night we watched The Book of Esther and it was a good movie! This is the version we watched . . . click Esther below.

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ParkerMama said...

Yay! for sweet and gentle evenings!

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