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It has been a few days since I posted last . . . much has been happening. We have been on duckling hatch watch and counting down the days. Finally, one of our little ducklings hatched . . .

Meet Herridan Jane . . .

What a difference a day makes!

Peep Sullivan and Herridan Jane.

They are busy little ducklings and a riot to watch!

They love the kids . . .

As you can see, the kids love the ducklings too.

Right now Herridan Jane isn't as pretty as Peep Sullivan and she kind of has that "just hatched" kind of look. I expect her to fill out a bit within a few days.

They seem to grow right before our eyes.
I think this picture is funny . . .
a little duckling conversation.

They are both super inquisitive and love anything SHINY!

For a few days, the ducklings will be apart when they can't be watched as we don't one to hurt the other.

We are keeping a close eye on them . . .
temperature, water, food . . .
and make sure they get plenty of fun time too.

Before little Herridan hatched, Sullivan had a great time outside as the center of attention.

She is doing so well!

I love this photo!

Mia, Beckett and Sullivan

Beckett and Sullivan up close . . .
"Are YOU My Mother?"

Mia rolled onto her back and little Sullivan decided to run up and check out the situation.

Seeley Booth isn't quite so sure about getting up close and personal with Sullivan . . . 

Beckett was waiting patiently for Katelyn 
to put the duckling down.

Cameron was keeping watch.

The duckling needed a rest, but the guinea pigs wanted to come outside to play. Seeley LOVES the guinea pigs!

Seeley Booth and Alfalfa


Seeley Booth and Alfalfa hanging out.
I think this photo is hysterical!

Emma and Gibbs

Beckett and Gibbs


Now to answer questions I have been asked recently.

1. What creature will be added to your menagerie next? This question has two answers actually! We currently have four duckling eggs in the incubator. The ducks are Cayuga ducks and are basically non-flying ducks. I love that my kids can experience life with God's creatures from the beginning of their little lives. The ducks will stick around for a bit . . . we have also had home offers if we want to "share" them. Other than that, we have no plans for another addition, although sometimes they come to you like the duckling and eggs.

2. What happened to the other two eggs? They were fully formed, but did not hatch. Upon further investigation through books I conclude the ducklings could not turn because they were a bit too big in the shell. This can happen if the humidity is a bit off.

3. How many pets do you have? Well, we have four dogs - Emma, Mia, Beckett and Seeley Booth. There are three Bearded Dragons - Apollo, Artemis and Zeus. Add in two guinea pigs - Gibbs and Alfalfa. One Hedgehog - Petunia Pricklebottom. We have two fish aquariums at home and one at the office. Two Ducklings - Peep Sullivan and Herridan Jane. That totals . . . 12 plus fish.

4. How do you take care of them all? Everyone has to pitch in and help. The reptiles are actually the boys' and they are supposed to keep them fed, watered and aquariums clean. Everyone helps with the dogs. Katelyn and I swap off with the fish and ducklings. Cameron and EJ look after the guinea pigs and the hedgehog.

5. What do ducklings eat? We have chick feed that we grind up and mix with greens. They love grass, lettuce, broccoli and crickets! We also crunched a cheerio and they like those too! We have a duckling manual to help us in food type suggestions.

6. What does Randy think of all the animals? He really doesn't mind and actually talks to all of them. He is especially fond of Beckett and the ducklings. He had a chameleon when he was a boy, so he doesn't mind the lizards at all.

7. Where do you come up with the names? Various places . . .
I really liked the name Emma and Mia so I chose them because I liked them. Beckett Bryn is named after Castle's Detective Kate Beckett and the Bryn was shortened from the color brindle. Seeley Booth was named after Bone's Detective Seeley Booth. Katelyn named the lizards after Greek gods. I named the hedgehog (actually changed it from six names the kids thought of) Petunia Pricklebottom because of her prickly spines. The fish are not named . . . except for the loach fish - they are all named "Weird fish". The ducklings . . . the first duckling came from a friend so it was named after him . . . "Peep Sullivan" except the Peep part! Katelyn had a list of names for the rescue eggs . . . Herridan Jane was one of her choices. 

I am so thankful my little family loves furry, fluffy, rough skinned and feathery critters!

Well this post has gone on long enough and I have probably bored you to tears! 

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