Wednesday, June 12, 2013

BOYS . . . I Just Shake My Head

Boys are interesting lil' creatures and they almost certainly will say or do something during the day that will make you stop, take notice and at times even shake your head.

True life examples from my boys:

  • Hand a little boy something to put away and you will most certainly find it in the next room where they promptly leave it after you give it to them.

  • Paper towels taken completely off of the tube . . . "because we needed the tube to make something"!
  • My boys love to make coffee for us . . . however, taste buds beware if they decide to make it "a little special for ya"!
  • One of my boys made toaster waffles for his younger brother. I came into the kitchen as the youngest was trying to scrape BLACK off of his waffles. I asked what had happened. I was then informed that they were ONLY in the toaster for FIVE. I explained to them again . . . five is too much for waffles. All the while the son that made the waffles was enjoying his golden brown. Apparently, he wanted to make sure his little brother's waffle was good and done.
  • No, it is not o.k. to take a picture of your daddy while he is in the bathroom . . . even though you giggle as you are taking the picture.
  • When asked if shampoo was used in the shower on evening I was told, "Yes, I used shampoo." I have learned to ask THIS very important question . . . "Did you use shampoo when you showered tonight?" My boys looked at me with a frustrated kind of look and said, "No, but I did yesterday!"
  • Today my boys were getting hair cuts . . . Cody told me when it was his turn he was asked how did he want his hair. Cody said, "anything but a Mohawk!"
  • After haircuts I overheard Cody telling EJ . . . "you got hair on your ears" to which EJ said . . . "SO" then Cody said . . . "you've got hairy armpits too!" At that point, EJ was frustrated with Cody and said . . . "SO!!! It is NORMAL!" (EJ just turned NINE and does NOT have hairy arm pits.)
  • Boys are ultra inquisitive . . . especially in the bathroom. I recently noticed someone had been into the feminine products . . . not of the female gender. I called for the boys and asked them who had been "into" things. Of course, no one actually "did it" so instead of raising a huge fuss, I decided to inform them (age appropriately) of what they were and why they should not try to see what was inside the package. My oldest son wanted nothing to do with the conversation . . . my second son looked at me with a completely blank expression . . . my third son became a bit green in the face and my youngest ~ stood and looked at me with a crinkled up nose. They probably won't investigate certain items in the bathroom anytime soon. 
  • Last week the boys were outside playing. Katelyn and I were in the kitchen and could keep an eye on them easily. They had been playing on the play set, but I heard them coming up the stairs to the deck. They were whispering to each other and I heard "Listen, this is what we should tell her . . . No, we should tell her this . . . Well what if we tell her . . ." I could hear their whispers as with most boys they are not quiet whisperers. I finally spoke when they arrived at the sliding door and said, "You know I can hear you, right? So how about just telling me the truth . . . what got broken and how did it happen?" My boys STILL cannot figure out how Mom knows what they are up to pretty much all the time. 
Most days, I just shake my head!

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ParkerMama said...

When Brant was little he showed up at the door as I was talking with the UPS guy and he had panty liners stuck to his chin and face. He looked at us both and said, "Ho, Ho, Ho! Merry Christmas."

sigh. lol

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