Sunday, May 5, 2013

There is a BIRTHDAY in the HOUSE!

Today, May 5, we have a Birthday in our House!

Evan James (a.k.a. EJ) is 9!!!

So REALLY important facts about EJ . . .
EJ's 8th Birthday

1. EJ has a tender heart!

2. EJ LOVES sports . . . baseball, football, skateboarding, etc.

3. EJ loves to wrestle.

4. EJ loves to fish!

5. EJ loves to help cook and doesn't even mind wearing a Vera Bradley apron.

6. EJ loves to have his picture taken . . . and has beautiful brown eyes!

7. EJ loves swimming!

8. Never forgets to tell me he loves me. He also does special things for me . . . like make me morning coffee and toast.

9. EJ loves hearing Grandpa sing Happy Birthday! Grandpa is really loud and you don't even need the phone next to your ear to hear him. 



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