Thursday, May 16, 2013

Relaxing Day and Pics

Today I decided I needed a day off and it was Wonderful!
I took care of a few things that needed tended and then
relaxed and even took an afternoon nap.


Cody left me a little note . . .

Ryan and Cody both stayed home . . .
they have sore throats.

We spent some time out on our upper deck . . .
the Beardies joined us.

This is Artemis . . .
she is our largest beardie.
She wasn't sure of all the new sounds she heard.

 Little Zeus is finally growing!
He wasn't too certain about the sounds either and actually
puffed out his beard!

The photo shows the beauty of Artemis.

Katelyn and I were enjoying the cool breeze from the Master Bedroom deck. I love the relaxing tone of the space.

To the right of this sitting area is my cafe table and chair set that Katelyn and I were sitting.
A hide away for Grown Ups!
(too bad the kids know about it too!)

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