Thursday, May 30, 2013

Photo Post

Picture Post!

This is Petunia Pricklebottom ~ our Hedgehog.

I think our Hedgie is so funny ~ sometimes she is out and about and WANTS someone to notice her, but MOST of the time she thinks she is invisible! 

Cody was laying on the couch while Seeley Booth made himself comfy on the floor below him.

Happy Fish.

Uh Oh . . . the doorbell rang!
Beckett is ready to defend Mama!

Hi Emma!

Mia was sitting pretty and I couldn't resist taking her picture.

Gibbs was enjoying his freshly cleaned cage.

Alfalfa was busy making a hay mess. The hay was inside the tube behind him, but Al thinks he needs it all out so he can see it.

Lil' Beckett was checking out the guinea piggies before I interrupted her. She loves that she can see them at her level.

Rain for our area until Saturday . . .
the weather is only good if you are a duck!

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