Sunday, May 19, 2013

Mr. Raccoon Strikes Again!

Mr. Raccoon ravaged the remainder of the duck eggs from Mama Duck. I feel so sad for her! I am so thankful we have three of her precious eggs in our incubator!!! I know the raccoon has to eat, but destroying and eating Mama Ducks eggs two years in a row??? 

Our duck eggs are safe and sound inside the house . . . safe and sound in the warm pink incubator. 

They aren't very pretty . . .
I wiped the dirt off before putting them in the incubator, but they still look dirty.

I was looking for ideas for duck houses . . .
this is what I found!

Aren't they cute?

Maybe next year Mama duck could build her nest in one of these and her babies will hatch.


Rick Walker said...

Hi, and thanks for your cute site.
My wife and I are brand new to this, but have seven ducklings inbound from CA in two weeks.
I'm looking for some specifics about some of the houses on your page. Can you help?
Yes, I can only imagine how much fun it is with animals AND four boys.
Rick and Susie Walker
Olympia, WA
two dogs, cat, three horses and four alpacas, with ducklings inbound.

Julie said...

Hi Rick . . . thanks for stopping by.

Congratulations on the ducklings! They are simply amazing little creatures.

The houses on my page were actually off of Pinterest. My husband DID actually build a duck house for our ducks - it is quite the house and run.

I would be more than happy to answer your questions, anytime.

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