Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Mid Week Pictures

Mid Week . . . I have to say, I am really ready for the weekend!
These past few days at work have been a bit . . .
hmmmm, let me put it this way . . .
People can be out of control and many times don't think before they speak! It is absolutely CRAZY!

I was happy to head out of the office today!


Mia received her new suitcase bed today . . .
She is such a princess!
This suitcase is a bit smaller than the one I have in my office for Beckett and Mia when they are together at work.
Most of the time Beckett sleeps in it alone.


Katelyn and I moved our 6 gallon fish tank downstairs to her bedroom and installed a 12 gallon fish tank in place of it.

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the night blue light!

A lighthouse in the back left side.

 The bubbles are happy in the aquarium tonight . . .
Eventually they will all disappear, but for now they are fun.

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