Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend Recap

The hour is late . . . or maybe it is early . . . depends on how you look at it. I am sure my mama will ask why I was up LATE . . . I took a late snooze on the couch and haven't gotten tired yet.

We had a lovely Memorial Day weekend!

We relaxed and enjoyed a bit of down time on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Today, we had a smallish cookout - impromptu with family and had a great time!

Dad with the three Mi-Kis . . .
He seems to be the "Mi-Ki Whisperer!"

The kids played well together ~ even though we were inside because of rain for the most part.
The adults enjoyed conversation and laughter.

Lunch was yummy . . .

Hamburgers, hot dogs, vege tray with cheese and dip, baked beans, homemade Panera mac n cheese, chips/dip, popcorn and a berry trifle for dessert!

I tried to be good and only eat one serving size portion . . .
however, I think the angel food, pudding, cool whip and fruit trifle put my blood glucose a little higher than it had been running.
Over the past few weeks I have been learning what sets off higher than normal readings . . .

of course item with sugar or high carbs
I must remember to limit the number of grapes I eat!

Here is a picture of our yummy trifle - Katelyn made it!

Tonight we check our little ducklings and they were all wiggling around and moving their little wings. It is so fun to watch them wiggle around inside of those eggs. We estimate hatch day in 
11 - 13 days. We are watching for a few things and will stop the incubator from turning the eggs in about ten days.

Can't wait to watch them hatch!!!

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