Thursday, May 16, 2013


Tonight, we headed out to the backyard . . . there was a bit of work to be done. We took turns sweeping the patio by the lake and fire pit . . . there was a LOT of clean up!

The boys worked hard . . . and enjoyed yummy freezer pops when all was swept.

The first fire of the year was in this lil' ole' fire pit. The boys think it is their mission in life to "tend" the fire.

Mama duck decided to nest in our container by the lake again. I guess she forgot what happened last year to her precious eggs. We certainly hope this year her babies all hatch and don't get devoured by an egg loving raccoon!

 Lil' Beckett went to beauty today . . . she didn't mind being outside with Mama tonight while we cleaned the patio.

Kamie's resting spot is beautiful . . . full of God's beauty all nice and green!

Our containers were filled with beautiful plants today! I love them!

I love the fresh start of springtime! Beauty where ever you look!

I love the little boot idea . . . We actually made a few of these sweet little planters out of little girl boots, potting soil and plants.

A few blue pretties on our deck. I love the blue candlesticks - even without the candles!


Monday, my world changed . . .

I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes.

I am not shocked or worried sick . . . I know I have a "job" to do and will see it through. It seems a bit daunting, but I will get the hang of it. I am actually already noticing a change in my energy level since watching my diet and taking medication for diabetes.

I actually found out I had high blood sugar unexpectedly. In hind sight . . . it was a good unexpected, or I still would have no idea today. All because of a glazed donut and niece that is dealing with gestational diabetes.


I also want to pass along a few prayer requests . . .

I copied the first prayer request from a friend on facebook:
  • Hi everyone this is Holly Amy's friend. Yesterday we lost our smallest baby Delaney. She put up the fight of her life and is now resting in heaven. Our struggles continue this morning our oldest Sydney is struggling and has to have a tube surgically placed in her belly this morning. Please help us bless the surgeons hands working on her and ask god to give her strength. Amy continues to struggle with health issues and continues to be in the surgical icu. We wanted to let everyone know the babies names baby a is Sydney Rose baby b is Sadie Claire baby c is Delaney Raine and baby d is Camden. Thanks everyone for all the good will and blessings please continue to pray for Amy and the babies. 
  • Please pray for our neighbor's health. Our neighbor is struggling and needs a bit of prayer.
  • Please pray for those affected by Tornadoes in Texas.
It is time for this girl to head to bed . . . it is already tomorrow!

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