Friday, May 17, 2013

Kissing Fish

The weekend has arrived . . . and THIS is what we did tonight!

Katelyn planted some herbs . . .

I snapped some pretty flower photos.

Pictures of the patio. 

 Took photos of the duck eggs.

 I love everything all green around the gazebo.
(Bunnies live under the gazebo.)

 A view from our dock looking toward the house.

 My sweetie is chilling out.

 Let the fishing begin!
Ryan's fish . . . 
(he also caught the tree behind him ~ 3 times!)

Cody's fish.

 Daddy's Sardine (baby bass).
Kiss the fish!
Cody told Daddy that he needed to kiss this little guy!
Not sure the fish approved!

I can't believe I am posting this picture . . .
Mama's bitty fish!

 In true fishing style . . .
the rain began falling!

This fishy is tiny!
Isn't it gorgeous?
Yes, we always put them back in the water!

Guess the baby went and told his daddy!

Another bitty one!

Ryan told us he saw a raccoon in our bushes by our lake patio.
The next thing we knew, there was a shattered egg with no contents all over the dock by the duck nest.
Last year Mr. Coon decided to ravage the duck nest . . .
no babies survived.
We rescued these little eggs and they are all snug in the incubator.
We candled them and they look to be 5 days along.
Mr. Coon isn't going to get ALL of Mama ducks eggs!!!
She still has four to sit on . . .
time will tell if these little ones will hatch.
Mama was gone from her nest a very long time.
I hope she returns and the coon didn't get her.

It was a lovely evening!

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Leslie said...

I love to see your family spending their evenings together fishing. Your family is beautiful!

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